How to stay positive!!

1. Try everything twice:’an Epitaph read:
“Tried everything twice…
both times were very nice!”

2. Appreciate your joker friends.
The grumblers make you feel depressed, and steal your joy….

3. NEVER stop educating yourself..
Learn more about etiquette, apps, travelling, anything….!
Don’t let your brain grow mold!


5. Laugh a lot, until your bladder leaks!
Spend time with friends that makes you laugh

6. Tears come unsuspected.
Cry your heart out, and don’t worry about the snotty nose, and move on!
The only person who will stick with you life long, is yourself!!
Live while you have a life!

7. Surround yourself with things you
really like, friends, dogs, cats, sentimental junk, music, plants, good wine and food, books, photos, anything ….
Remember your house is Your special place
8. Stay healthy:
If you are OK, don’t do stupid things,
If you are Not OK, join a “support group”,
If you are totally wasted, get help!.

9. Don’t feel guilty about things you can’t change..

9. Don’t feel guilty about things you can’t change..

10. Tell your loved ones you care and love them
Over the moon,
Give plenty hugs and kisses…
Compliment others sincere…
Spoil the people you love..
Tomorrow you might put on your wooden suit,
And then it’s too late!